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THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT HUB Membership is designed with a keen understanding of the importance of hands-on experience. It provides practical tools and templates that you can implement immediately in your projects. Witness the transformation as you efficiently manage time, plan and execute projects flawlessly, and achieve a work-life balance that reinvigorates your passion for project management.

  • An ambitious entrepreneur looking to streamline your projects.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with juggling multiple projects and struggling to prioritize effectively.
  • Feeling lost in your current career and looking to transition to a project manager or have project management skills in your belt as a new service.
  • A Virtual Assistant who is interested in pursuing online digital project management as a career.
  • A driven professional seeking to improve your project management skills.
  • Looking and searching on Linkedin for a career path that aligns with your values and passions.
  • Currently lacking practical and formal project management training.
  • A confident leader who controls their workload, enhancing productivity to fuel business growth.
  • A strategic decision-maker who develops a structured project management approach to drive venture success.
  • A proactive networker and collaborator who connect with like-minded professionals, leveraging their expertise.
  • An innovative project management leader who stays ahead of the competition by becoming tech-savvy.
  • A visionary empowers their team for success, achieving scalable project management processes.
  • A transformed professional who efficiently manages their time executes projects flawlessly, and achieves a revitalizing work-life balance through their passion for project management.

Tired of inadequate compensation and limited opportunities?

  • Are you a new project manager or virtual assistant looking to enhance your project management skills?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the challenges of managing multiple projects, stakeholders, resolving conflicts, and effective communication with your team?
  • Are you stuck in your career and seeking to advance as a project manager?
  • Are you struggling with limited resources, tight deadlines, and work-life balance?
  • Are you looking to build a successful career and business or become an online digital project manager?

What You Can Expect.

  • Live calls each month to dive deeper into project management concepts, real cases, and more! Can’t make it live? No worries! All classes are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours.
  • Monthly - Group Training or pre-recorded training uploaded to the Campus.
  • Monthly Project Management templates upload to the "PM VAULT" -Digital Library.
  • Project Management Tool Kit-All the tools you need are organized for you to access in one place quickly. PM Templates, cheat sheets, eBooks, PDF’s and infographics, ready to support your Project Management Career and Business goals.
  • Elevate your knowledge and confidence with an enhanced project management tool kit for New Project Leaders, skills, and understanding.
  • Build strong relationships with other new project leaders in the industry, just like you.
  • Don't let a limited budget or time constraints hold you back from investing in your professional development.
  • Support each other, learn from experienced project managers, and achieve our career growth, financial stability, and personal fulfillment dreams.


Hola, my Name Is Adalyd

I started my career in the banking industry when I was 20 years old, with expertise in finance, quality assurance, process improvement, and project management. I have become an Assistant Vice-President of Credit Quality Assurance at a National Bank in Florida. I hold a Master's Degree in Leadership Project Management, the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, Scrum Master (Agile-Alliance), Scrum Product Owner, and Agile Leadership Teams. Also, as a firm believer in enjoying a purposely and balance life, I embarked on the mission of learning and studying and having the Life Purpose and the Professional Life Coach Certification.

Like many aspiring project managers, I faced various pain points that hindered my growth. The lack of proper guidance and mentorship left me feeling lost and unprepared. Balancing multiple projects while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance became an impossible task. I craved a platform to equip me with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in project management, but the options seemed limited.

And the result is the creation of the Project Management Hub Membership.

What You Will Get!

Ready to take the next step in your project management journey as a NEW Project Leader?

  • Monthly 1-hour LIVE video chats with Adalyd Gracia and live training events every month to get clarity, overcome obstacles, and stay motivated.
  • Recommended Books and Materials.
  • Monthly - Growing Tutorials and training uploaded to the Campus.
  • Monthly Project Management templates upload to the "PM VAULT" -Digital Library.
  • No more working on your projects, career, and business alone. This more intimate global community supports encourages and connects with like-minded New Project Managers.
  • Our ambitious, action-taking project managers in our PRIVATE, members-only group will continually inspire and support you!
  • Lifetime access to Project Management Hub for Newbies Membership Portal (as long as you have an active account).
  • Plus Bonus Content- The ProjectPRO Flow KIT with additional templates are included in the Project Management HUB as a BONUS.

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  • Eliminate the stress of figuring out all the moving pieces on a project.
  • Stay on track and organized with helpful project templates.
  • Effectively communicate with clients using templates to understand project specifics.
  • Access on-demand training to tackle bottlenecks head-on.
  • Learn various project management tools through convenient on-demand training to expedite team and project processes.
  • Streamline my operations by implementing self-setup systems using the templates and guidance provided.
  • Find all project management fundamentals, precise requirements, and proper systems and tools in one convenient place, avoiding the pitfalls of disorganization.
  • Have one grab-and-go place where I can learn the basics of project management fundamentals and proper systems to overcome the "lack of organization" and have successful projects.

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